Testimony Tuesday: Student-Athlete Edition

August 15, 2017

As summer comes to an end, so does our Summer Sports Performance Training program. We worked with some exceptional athletes all summer long and wanted to highlight two of them who really made a difference in their summer training. To be a student-athlete, it takes dedication and hard work inside and outside of the sport. […]

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Transformation Tuesday: Anisa Candy

July 31, 2017

Beginning a weight loss journey is no easy feat, but on July 25, 2015, Anisa Candy’s life changed forever after she had her first Boot Camp class at Power Train Manheim. “I struggled so hard on my trial Boot Camp that I thought I was going to die. I even fought my negative self-talk telling […]

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Clean Eating at Cookouts

July 13, 2017

When the weather gets nice, the grills come out and people want to eat! Summer is the perfect time for cookouts with family and friends, but foods high in calories, fats and sugars always seem to find their way onto a plate. This summer try hosting your own barbecue with a healthy, yet delicious menu for […]

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Muffins are a Must for National Muffin Day

June 27, 2017

Everyone can agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On the other hand, some people might argue that with busy schedules, “no one has time for breakfast.” This doesn’t have to be the case, as breakfast can be an easy and healthy on-the-go meal made right in your own home! Because […]

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Stay Safe in the Sun

June 12, 2017

Summer is finally here, and that only means one thing: SUN! Enjoying the sun is what makes summer so great, but if you don’t protect yourself correctly, your skin could be at risk. Having healthy skin is important to a healthy lifestyle. Your skin is your body’s biggest form of protection from the outside world, […]

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