Daniel’s Dream and the Transformation to Make it Happen

September 28, 2017

Being a small town kid from a small town school can make it tough to have a big city dream. One of those small town kids, Daniel Kanagy, wanted to change his story and put in the work to make that dream a reality.

In August 2017, Daniel Kanagy’s transformation picture blew up on Power Train’s Instagram, making him the viral star of the week!

“I can’t believe that I actually looked like that. I didn’t realize how out of shape and heavy I was,” Daniel confessed when he saw his transformation side by side for the first time.

Daniel kanagy

Daniel joined Power Train Harrisburg back in August of 2016 with the goals of losing weight and gaining strength and speed for baseball. The East Juniata High School freshman plays travel baseball for US Elite, as well as playing baseball and basketball on his school team. When we say small town…Daniel’s graduating class has only 80 kids total! For Daniel though, being from a small town doesn’t make his dream any smaller.

“I want to keep baseball in my future through college and hopefully have an opportunity to continue in the MLB,” Daniel says as he explains why he made the dedication to change his health. “I want to be like Mike Trout, who plays for the Los Angeles Angels, being a small town kid in a small town school that makes it to the majors.”


Before joining Power Train, Daniel was running 2 miles in 20 minutes, but after only a year of training has shaved almost 6 minutes off his time! His transformation has truly been one that stands out to the Performance Coaches.

Daniel has developed a close relationship with Matt Kirchner, Performance Coach at Power Train Harrisburg, throughout his weight loss journey. “For a kid his age, his work ethic is insane,” says Matt, “he comes focused and ready to put in work every session.”

What Daniel loves most about Power Train is being around people that will push him to be the best he can be. He also says, “I know that if I follow the program the way they tell me to, I will get the results that I want.”


As many of us know, chasing your dreams isn’t always the easiest task and Daniel has found that eating right and taking short cuts has been the hardest part about staying diligent in his training. Fortunately, his success has been the greatest motivation as he says, “the weight loss has given me more confidence in the way I handle myself around others. I feel stronger and that translates to the baseball field.”

Daniel baseball

Daniel’s dream of making it big in baseball has not distracted him from his schoolwork though. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA in school, which makes him the kid to keep your eye on in the future.

“I’m proud of myself,” Daniel says. Kirchner adds, “The sky’s the limit for a kid with his ability and his drive to put in the work.” We couldn’t agree more.

Facing obstacles doesn’t make a dream unreachable, and Daniel has proved he has passion and dedication to make it in the big leagues through his transformation. We are just lucky Power Train gets to be a part of it!

daniel transformation


Were you inspired by Daniel’s story? It’s never too early or late to start your own transformation, call your nearest location today to schedule a free trial!




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