Fitness Testimonials

Sports Training Programs at Power Train

  • * “Power Train™ is different because of the interval training that they do. You’re just constantly moving and doing different things.” A female client explains what separates Power Train™ from regular gyms.

  • * Whether you have been a longtime gym member or beginner, Power Train™ caters to all fitness levels.

  • * It can be very difficult to stay fit as you get older. A woman in her 50’s says she has been injury free for three years since coming to Power Train™. Her and her husband come in once a week for strength training and she shows no sign of going back.

  • * Power Train™ Sports & Fitness trains all athletes & fitness folks no matter what level you come in. A 40 year-old businessman talks about how his son, wife, and mother all came in each improved toward their goals.

  • * Its no secret that exercising reduces your cholesterol. Since this client came to Power Train™ her cholesterol dropped from 198 to 163.

  • * “Professional wrestling requires a lot of cardiovascular activity, a lot of up and down, a lot of go real fast, and slow down a little bit, and thats exactly what this [Power Train™] fitness class is.” This wrestler came in weighing 187 pounds to now 201.

* Results will vary from individual to individual