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Personal Training, Speed Training, Strength Training and more - Rochester, NY

Power Train Sports offers personal training programs at our state of the art fitness center in Rochester, NY. Our personal training programs include speed and strength training designed to maximize your performance in any sport.

You'll get individualized attention and a personal training program customized to your needs and fitness goals. Our personal training staff works with elite athletes, college students, middle school and high school athletes and adults of all ages and fitness levels because everyone can benefit from speed and strength training.

Stay one step ahead of your competition, prepare for the upcoming season or get ready to take on a new challenge. No matter what your ultimate goal may be, Power Train Sports can get you there!

Professional Athletes
Maximize your results and get ready for the season with our speed and strength training drills, customized for your needs and the sport you play.

College Athletes
Make this season your best season yet with personal training programs designed to maximize strength and speed training skills for better balance, faster recovery maximum performance.

Student Athletes
Take your natural abilities to the next level. Our strength and speed training programs can get you there and keep you ahead of your competition.

Adult Personal Training
Achieve maximum fitness at any age! Our personal training programs incorporate strength training to improve your core strength and balance and speed training to improve coordination, and reaction time.

Check out our fitness center in Rochester, NY and get the individual attention and results you deserve. Contact our personal training staff today for a FREE TRIAL!