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Have you been let down by personal trainers and gym memberships that promised enhanced performance, but couldn’t live up to their hype? Did you pay a lot of money, only to find that you weren’t getting any benefits in return for attending large group classes that didn’t offer much personalization? You’re not alone.

At Power Train, our sports-minded clients from high school, collegiate, and professional fields tell us all the time that they came to Power Train because our formula for training and conditioning is the only model that meets their needs — it’s the only model that gives them a cost-effective way to achieve their goals in the least amount of time.


Here’s how the Power Train formula works:

1. You meet with a coach from our highly trained team to create a personalized plan-of-attack to build endurance, muscle and speed. Your coach is an athlete, too, so you’ll speak the same language. Our philosophy is that to become a better athlete, you have to be trained by athletes. Your plan will also include nutritional counseling, so you can nourish your body with the right types of fuel.

2. You begin to implement this individualized plan by coming to small group training sessions that feature three-to-one personal training. Since you’ll be teamed up with only two other people who also want to get fit, you’ll get the interaction of competitive training in a tight-knit setting.

3. You and your Power Train coaches analyze your progress and make tweaks along the way. Continuous assessments enable you to see how far you’ve come, and how you’ll be able to meet your future performance goals.


Above all else, the Power Train formula works for any athlete at any stage of his or her career. Whether you’re a teen trying to make it into an elite university, or you’re a pro football player who needs to get a competitive edge, Power Train’s three-to-one personal training classes can make all the difference.

Our free trial is one of the best ways to see what we’re made of. Call the closest Power Train location to schedule your initial visit today. The only way you can get better is to take the first step. So call us today.

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