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Whether you have specific sports performance or personal fitness needs, or just want to achieve a healthier and more energetic lifestyle, there are no shortcuts. There is, however, a clear path. The Power Train Fitness program provides the personalized assessment, guidance, small group training sessions and ongoing performance measurement you need to achieve solid, sustainable results. Power Train helps top professional and collegiate athletes achieve their goals. We can do the same for you. The Power Train Fitness Program enables ambitious, results-oriented adults of all ability levels to achieve their fitness, conditioning and weight-loss goals using the same techniques as professional athletes.

Power Train Fitness Goals

Free Fitness Assessment

Your journey to a healthier and more productive lifestyle begins with a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current fitness level and goals, as well as an initial training session. Helping you achieve your goals is our #1 objective, so we ask a lot of questions and tailor our program to your needs and abilities.

Small Group Training Sessions

We have adapted the principles and techniques we use to train professional athletes into an affordable small-group training format for adults of all fitness levels and abilities. Our small group training sessions are conducted by certified trainers who provide personalized guidance and encouragement with a small group trainer to member ratio.

On-going Performance Monitoring

The key to positive, ongoing results is continuous performance tracking and adjustment. From your first session, Power Train will help you track and analyze your progress to continue achieving optimal benefits from your workouts.

Measurable Results Achieved Safely

Power Train Fitness trainers will help you do the right exercises the right way to avoid overuse issues, imbalance and to minimize the risk of injuries. Our exercise programs integrate flexibility training to improve mobility and coordination, and to help you avoid injuries. We focus on overall fitness, so you can enjoy all of life’s activities.

Affordable Membership Options

The Power Train Fitness program was designed to give adults with a wide variety of fitness abilities and priorities the benefit of guidance from top, certified trainers without the fees that can come from one-on-one personal training. Your certified trainers are the same experts who get results from top professional and collegiate athletes, imagine what they can do for you.

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Personal Training: None
Boot Camp Classes: 2/Week
Running Sessions: None
Small Group Ratio
Personal Training: None
Boot Camp Classes: 3/Week
Running Sessions: None
Small Group Ratio
Personal Training: None
Boot Camp Classes: Unlimited
Running Sessions: None
Small Group Ratio

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