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Power Train Boot Camp takes Fitness to the Next Level

Most group fitness classes have a huge flaw: They focus on the exercises, but not the exercisers. This takes away the accountability factor for both the trainer and the trainee, and it doesn’t help anybody accomplish their goals. At Power Train™ Boot Camp, we spend time putting together personalized, heart-rate-based interval training and concentrating on the individuals who work with us to get in the best shapes of their lives. This unique approach to teen and adult fitness Boot Camp sessions results in faster fitness for our members. You’ll also build stronger relationships with our coaches.

The Boot Camp Formula

All of our Boot Camp classes follow scientific formulas that are proven to work for every person who joins the Power Train team. During each of our sessions, our coaches will help you maintain exceptional form. Throughout each session, you’ll receive customized recommendations. This enables all participants to learn the proper way to exercise and complete each element of the Boot Camp session at their fitness level, while still maintaining a one-on-one relationship with the coach. We devote constant, upfront energy to ensure that you’ll benefit from:

  • Combination of heart-rate-based interval training,proprietary Maximum Aerobic Performance, lactic training and Tabata principles.
  • Engaged coaches that push you to your limits, maximize fat burning and increase overall metabolism.
  • A motivational setting that is well-lit, highly maintained, upbeat and encouraging.
  • Well-trained coaches who believe in helping their clients exceed their fitness goals.

Are Boot Camps right for you?

Workout at Your Own Level

Our classes are personalized. You will do each exercise at your own pace at your fitness level. Our heart-rate monitors will help ensure you are working out in the target heart rate zone that helps you maximum your workout. We’ll even send you reports after the class to recap the calories burned and overall workout statistics.

More Guidance

Need guidance to incorporate timed interval training into their fitness routines. Ideal for almost every person age 16 or older. Our participants range from individuals who are new to exercising to elite athletes.

More Personalized Feedback

Want more personalized feedback than traditional exercise classes at other gyms. Our Boot Camp sessions are not exercise classes — they’re intense and go beyond the traditional exercise class setup.

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