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A Power Train Membership is the Key

We all have fitness goals, but if you’re like most people, you may have felt let down in the past when you didn’t lose weight, gain strength, get leaner or become faster — especially after taking hours of group exercise classes or workout classes. That’s because traditional gyms and health clubs don’t focus on accountability and getting you fitter. Instead, they only focus on getting you in the door. A Power Train membership can be the key to putting your performance abilities into overdrive.

Power Train offers Boot Camp classes for beginners and athletes alike. They’re better than the (so-called) best fitness classes, but we’ll let you be the judge after your first class. Right away, you’ll notice that each Boot Camp session is a far cry from exercise classes you’ve taken in the past. From the moment that you begin, you’ll feel:

Feel Inspired

Our trainers have a true passion for getting you stronger and healthier. They also understand the human body and its mechanics. They will keep you motivated as you tackle intense exercises.

Feel Enthusiastic

Who doesn’t love a burst of energy? Our whole environment will energize you from the get-go. Friendly team members, upbeat music and a modern atmosphere are the perfect combination to keep you motivated.

Feel Personally-Driven

The individualized nature of all Boot Camp sessions will leave you feeling like you’ve just worked out one-on-one with a trainer, even though you were in a small group setting.

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