The Story Behind Power Train

Who uses Power Train Sports and Fitness programs?

Power Train personal training programs were designed for three distinct groups:

  1. Professional athletes.Power Train provides strength and performance training to world-class, professional athletes from a variety of sports and leagues, including the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the NBA.
  2. College/High School Athletes.Thousands of college and high school athletes have improved performance and prepared for their upcoming seasons with Power Train personal training programs.Many aspiring young athletes who prepared for their professional tryouts with specialized Power Train programs now play in the NFL and other pro leagues.
  3. Fitness-focused Adults.Power Train fitness programs enable adults of all shapes, sizes and ability levels to achieve measurable results and meet their fitness and performance goals using the same principles and individualized training regimens that have proven effective for professional and college athletes.

Work hard, get results.

While Power Train clients range from world-class, professional athletes competing at the highest levels to college and high school athletes to active adults with a wide range of fitness goals and motivations, they have one thing in common: they work hard and get results. That’s because the Power Train training system was developed and refined for professional athletes, for those whose livelihoods and multimillion-dollar contracts could depend on achieving fast, measurable and continuous skill-specific performance results. The same principles that proved successful for top-performing athletes were then adapted to meet the training and performance-enhancement needs of both scholastic and amateur athletes as well as anyone truly interested in improving their health, fitness level and performance at work or play.

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