A Power Train membership provides personalized assessment, guidance, and the ongoing performance measurement you need to achieve sustainable results.

Clear path to your fitness goals

Personal Training

There are no shortcuts for personal fitness needs or achieving a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. A Power Train membership provides personalized assessment, guidance, and the ongoing performance measurement you need to achieve sustainable results. A Power Train membership enables ambitious, results-oriented adults of all ability levels to achieve their fitness, conditioning, and weight-loss goals using the same techniques as professional athletes.

Young man spotting a middle-aged man in a yellow shirt doing a single arm dumbbell press in his right hand at a gym

Fitness Assessments

Your journey to a healthier and more productive lifestyle begins with a free, no-obligation evaluation of your fitness level and goals. Achieving your goals is our top priority, as we’ll tailor our program to your needs and abilities.

Affordable Options

Our Power Train membership was designed to give everyone with a wide variety of fitness abilities and priorities the benefit of guidance from certified trainers without the fees from one-on-one personal training.

On-going Monitoring

The key to positive results is continuous performance tracking and adjustment. Power Train will track and analyze your progress to continue achieving optimal benefits from your workouts.

Achieve Safe Results

Our trainers will help you perform exercises the right way to avoid imbalance and minimize the risk of injury. Our memberships integrate flexibility training to improve mobility and coordination.

The Power Train Difference

At Power Train, we have a different philosophy when it comes to personal training. Whether you’re a young athlete or a senior who wants to get fit, we take an individualized approach to your fitness. We’ll put you through the paces we know you can handle, and we’ll focus on building lean muscle mass. You’ll burn more calories, your fat percentages will decrease, and you’ll feel amazing. Over time, you’ll begin to tap into fitness abilities you might not have realized you had—not every gym can guarantee this but we can.


How We Help Personal Training Clients

Don’t reinvent the wheel and waste time figuring out what doesn’t work. Skip ahead to what does work. Power Train’s personal training coaches understand the proper methods required to deliver real results, fast. Our staff uses their extensive years of expertise to help students, adults, and athletes efficiently and effectively become physically stronger and healthier. We believe the best way to decide if a Power Train membership is right for you is to try one of our free sessions. Find a location close to you for your free trial to see all the buzz and talk to our trainers about the opportunities that await you.

Long Term Results through Personal Training

Power Train is not only designed to help you optimize your personal training in the short term; we’re dedicated to providing ongoing, sustainable improvements to keep you progressing forward for years to come. That’s what Power Train provides: The right results and measurable short and long-term performance improvement for all personal training clients. There are no frills or fads at Power Train. The secret to our success is our unrelenting focus on producing measurable performance improvements through best-in-class programming, facilities, and experienced personal training coaches.


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