You won’t find Power Train members searching for shortcuts or discussing the latest miracle diets. They’re too busy pushing themselves and sweating their way to real, measurable results.

Achieve results you thought unreachable

Sports Performance Training

Power Train knows that athletes crave performance improvements, competition is fierce, and you need results now. At Power Train, you will start to see (and feel) positive results from your first session, and we’ll track your improvements with each session. Athletes know that there’s always a long line of talent competing to take their place. Power Train is designed to help you optimize your performance in the short term and provide ongoing, sustainable improvements to keep you in the game for years to come.

Address Your Goals

We’ll test your functional strength, muscle and physical limitations, body composition, and athletic performance. We’ll design a comprehensive training program to meet your individual goals, strength, and speed, as well as your mobility, flexibility, and nutrition.

In-Depth Training

We address strength and speed using free weights, machines, sandpits, band walls, and more to create an unmatched workout. We’re not a health club business – our unique training facilities are specifically designed for high-performance training.

Performance Coaches

Every performance coach has been trained in the principles, techniques, and performance regimens that have produced positive results for professional, amateur, and student-athletes. We’ll push you to achieve your personal best.

Performance Results

Excellence is an ongoing process, and all training needs to be fine-tuned for optimal results. A hands-on coach will track performance, adapt the training to optimize results continually, and provide ongoing guidance and encouragement.


How We Help Sports and Fitness Clients

Don’t reinvent the wheel and waste time figuring out what doesn’t work. Skip ahead to what does work. Power Train’s sports and fitness coaches understand the proper techniques required to deliver real results, fast. Our staff uses their extensive years of expertise to help students, adults, and athletes efficiently and effectively become physically stronger, healthier and prepared for competition at all stages of fitness. We believe that the best way to decide if a Power Train membership is right for you is to try one of our free sessions. Find a location close to you for your free trial to see what all the buzz is about, and talk to our trainers about the opportunities that await you.

Achieving Long Term Results

Power Train is not only designed to help you optimize your performance in the short term; we’re dedicated to providing ongoing, sustainable improvements to keep you progressing forward for years to come. That’s what Power Train provides: The right results and measurable short and long-term performance improvement for all sports athletes and fitness clients. There are no frill or fads at Power Train. The secret to our success is our unrelenting focus on producing measurable performance improvements through best-in-class programming, facilities, and experienced coaches.

Worried About an Injury?

If you have already suffered an injury, we can help you get back into shape, moving well or onto the playing field. We’ll design an individualized plan that addresses your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and muscle imbalances. Once you’re back and feeling great, we’ll continue to work to keep you on your game and healthy — exactly what any student, adult, or athlete, at any level, wants. You’re in great hands with Power Train.

The Power Train Difference

At Power Train, we have a different philosophy when it comes to training. Whether you’re a young athlete or a senior who wants to get fit, we take an individualized approach to your fitness. We’ll put you through the paces we know you can handle, and we’ll focus on building lean muscle mass. You’ll burn more calories, your fat percentages will decrease, and you’ll feel amazing. Over time, you’ll begin to tap into fitness abilities you might not have realized you had—not every gym can guarantee this but we can.

Fitness Training

General Training


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