In Season Training

You can continue to progress [add strength and speed] during your season.  You don’t have (Continued)

Disease Prevention

How can I prevent disease and illness?  This question is asked in both clinical settings (Continued)

[Social Media Influencers] of Unusual Size (SMIUSs)

I might have dated myself with that poor attempt of a Princess Bride reference, but (Continued)

Should I Do Cardio To Lose Weight?

Do what you want, my dudes. Seriously, do what you want. Losing weight is, at (Continued)

Debunking Fad Diets

I mean, do I actually have to answer this one? It’s 2022, I thought we (Continued)

How To Increase Your Squat

How To Increase Your Squat by Mitch Davis First, please replace the exercise “squat” with (Continued)

Top Benefits of Resistance Training

The benefits are far and wide, affecting you both physically and mentally.

How Much Should I Eat in a Day?

Keep it really simple.  Instead of wondering how many grams of sugar are in an (Continued)


Health vs. Performance

Do you want health or performance? Cause ya can’t have both.

More is Not Better, More is More

First, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out of the mindset that more (Continued)