How to Live to 100

by Mitch Davis

I wanted this article to be titled “How to live a happy life, physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually, while learning to not take things too seriously, as well as ensuring that you are living your greatest life, regardless of the years spent on earth, rather than thinking that old age is the only indicator of a life well lived”, but our creative team decided that title wasn’t catchy enough. So, here we are. How to live to 100!

Living to 100 is simply an idea. It is a way of putting life into perspective. It ensures that we are feeding into our soul and promoting behaviors that allow us to keep moving forward. In the strength and conditioning realm, we tend to focus on the physical aspect of this. Make certain you are doing some form of resistance training a few times a week, as well as either aerobic training or high intensity interval training for heart health. Additionally, we emphasize the tenets of healthy living through sophisticated food choices, avoid over-consumption, and minimize unhealthy habits such as excessive drinking and snacking.

But, what does all this really mean? First, I wouldn’t overly concern myself with “what” I’m doing, but rather that I “am” doing. As more Americans become clinically overweight or obese with each year, we need to place less emphasis on what is the exact formula and just start exercising. Rather than putting up barriers to your fitness journey, I would suggest just winging it. Something, after all, is better than nothing. Now, so my boss doesn’t yell at me (again), I would suggest that hiring an effective coach can give you a little extra bang for your buck. If our creative team is reading this, here would be a great place to link our consultation page. Click here for your FREE TRIAL.   

When deciding on proper nutrition, focus less on the diet and more on what you gravitate toward. If paleo works, keto works, veganism works, and IIFYM works, then is it really the diet that is producing the results? My belief is it isn’t the type of diet, but how consistently you can stay on one. Find the style of eating healthy that works for you. If you love animal protein and believe that a vegetarian diet is the only way you’ll lose weight, chances are you won’t stay consistent and the diet will be deemed a “failure”. For those of you who want a super simple yet highly effective “diet” to follow, simply do this: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Seems a little too simple, but if we can follow it, I promise your relationship with food will be appropriate, and whatever diet you choose, will be a lot easier to follow.

As great as eating right and staying physically fit may be, they mean nothing if we are not taking care of ourselves through emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of life. We are not meant to walk this earth alone. Whether this means creating a stronger relationship with your spouse and children, volunteering, or finding friends, the goal is to create connections that are meaningful and enrich your life. Spirituality can mean different things for different folks, and this isn’t intended to be a theological argument on man’s creator. Instead, find your meaning in life. A man with a why can withstand almost any how. 

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Mitchell Davis is the Director of Remote Coaching at Power Train Sports & Fitness.  He is a PhD candidate at Liberty University where he is pursuing his doctorate in Health & Exercise Science.  He has been a coach and educator for 13 years, serving in roles such as collegiate strength and conditioning coach, high school strength and conditioning coach, adjunct professor, personal trainer, and fitness consultant.  

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