My Power Train Story: Cindy & Dale Skinner

Meet Cindy & Dale Skinner, dedicated clients of over 7 years at Power Train Palmyra. Their emotional story is example of why staying healthy and fit can truly be life-saving. This couple continues putting their fitness first, getting stronger each and every day. Check out their motivating story in the video and blog below!

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How long have you been training at Power Train?
Cindy & Dale: 7 years

Why did you come to Power Train?
Cindy: Failed physical therapy. I went to a therapist because I had tendonitis in my right leg, and when treating my right leg, they messed up my left leg. They refused to fix it unless I went back for dozens of different tests. I kept seeing the Power Train sign, walked in, and the rest is history.
Dale: I had some back and leg issues. I came in for my evaluations to see if Power Train was going to be a fit, which Lew was instrumental in. After about a year of low impact exercises, I got much better.

What has your experience been like at Power Train?
Cindy: It’s been amazing. I started at 57, and I’m now 64, and the strength and balance that I’ve gotten has been amazing.
Dale: Overall pretty good – made a lot of good friends.

How has Power Train affected your health and life?
Cindy: It has definitely impacted my health. I have arthritis, and I need to keep moving, so it keeps me moving. I’m on the verge of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and Power Train has helped tremendously just keeping active and moving.
On top of that, Power Train saved my husband Dale’s life. He was in a very bad place 2 years ago. We almost lost him, but the doctors told us because he was in such good shape, he made it through, and I credit Power Train for that.
Dale: I become stronger. I can work a lot longer. My days are 12 hours, so I was able to do that much easier. I used to workout at 5 am, start my day at Power Train. And with health, it saved my life.How is Power Train (trainers/training) different from any other fitness routine that you’ve done?
Cindy: Most of my workouts have been on my own or at home. Having a personal trainer that watches what you are doing, makes sure you are doing it right, pushes you beyond your limits, and gets you out of your head is amazing.
Dale: I didn’t do a lot of fitness training besides aerobics years ago. I never did strength training.

Favorite day at the gym?
Cindy: Upper body
Dale: No favorite

Favorite part of Power Train?
Cindy: Coming in and moving! I like pushing myself to see how far I can go.
Dale: It’s convenient- 5 minutes down the road. The trainers are great – we’ve had a lot of great trainers over the years – and the overall experience of coming and the friends I’ve made here.Why should people train at Power Train?
Cindy: Power Train is just going to make you stronger. As you get older, people want to be skinnier, but I believe as you get older you need to get stronger to stay vital. You need to keep your balance and keep moving.
Dale: I have a good friend who started training at Power Train a year ago and he has lost 36 pounds and is now training to run marathons. His change is inspirational.

What is the importance of having a good relationship with your trainer?
Cindy: It’s important to have a good trainer who knows your abilities and how far to push you on each given day. They know when to push you, when not to push you, and they like to throw extra exercises in just to keep you on the edge of not knowing what you are doing!Join the Skinners at Power Train Palmyra
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