My Power Train Story: Dani Greiner

Meet Dani! Stop over at Power Train Manheim and you will most likely see Dani consistently working hard. She is a loyal client and a bright light in the gym. She shared her positive Power Train experience and how it has made her both her most confident and strongest version of herself! Check out the full interview on YouTube HERE!

When & why did you start coming to Power Train?
December 2019. I won a giveaway through a Manheim page and I was so excited when I won because I had always wanted to try out Power Train!

What was your Power Train experience like?
It’s been wonderful! My very first day I was trained by Brian, and I was very nervous, but he just made me feel right at home. I feel like when you go to a new gym it can be kind of intimidating. All the other clients and trainers were super welcoming.

How has Power Train impacted your health and life?
I never leave Power Train not sore – in the best way! They are constantly pushing me whether it’s increasing resistance or weight. It’s something I really wish I had done as a young athlete. I feel like they help prevent against injury which is so beneficial.

What has Power Train done for your confidence?
My husband says this all the time, but he says that he has seen such a shift in my confidence and how I carry myself, and I just feel good. It’s crazy what a difference it can be when you really start to take care of yourself and focus less on weight loss and more on getting stronger and being healthy.

How is Power Train different from other fitness routines you’ve done?
It differs in the fact that they just cater to what your goals are and what you are hoping to achieve. If there is a season where I want to bulk up, they’ll increase my weight, or if I want to focus on cardio they’ll incorporate HIIT workouts for me, which is so unique from any other gym experience I’ve ever had.Talk about the community/friendship aspect of Power Train?
I’ve met some of the most incredible people here. Some of them are my best friends now. It’s just crazy what a community it is!

Why should people train at Power Train?
The list could go on and on, but if you are looking for a place to get better, find a community, and improve yourself overall, Power Train is the place for you!

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