My Power Train Story: Mark & Pam Heller

If you happen to swing by the Power Train Manheim location at 6 am, you are most likely to run into this power couple, Mark & Pam Heller. These two are great encouragers to those around them and bring a ton of energy to the 6 am squad. It’s really inspiring to see them root each other on and crush their own goals week in and week out. Mark and Pam LOVE Power Train – and we love them! You can read their story in the blog below and be sure to check out the full video on YouTube HERE!
When did you start coming to Power Train?
Pam: Fall 2015
Mark: December 2018. Pam came before me, and was always wanting me to come. I was a little resistant. I was working and traveling a lot, but I’m glad I came.

Why did you start coming to Power Train?
Pam: I had done martial arts for many years, and then the studio closed. So there were a few months where I wasn’t doing anything, and weight lifting was something I had never done. I had a friend who brought me to Power Train one day and I just really loved it!
Mark: I wanted to get in better physical shape. I was traveling a lot at the time, and even though I was working out in hotel gyms and biking quite a bit, I wanted something that was more consistent and would overall help me get into better shape.

How has your Power Train experience been?
Pam: I love Power Train! The training aspect is awesome. I’m not an “athlete” but they still give me a really good workout and program that pushes me beyond where I would push myself. I love that the workouts change each month, and it always amazes me how much strength I gain from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. The way that they believe in me and push me is awesome!
Mark: It’s been great. I’ve gotten in tremendous shape. I still have a ways to go. It’s been really good for me. 3 years ago I was 215 pounds and I’m at 170 right now, partially due to Power Train. It’s been a big plus for me.

How has Power Train impacted your health and life?
Pam: I don’t know where I’d be health-wise if it weren’t for Power Train. I’m older and I have arthritis in my knees, hands, and back. I think if I wasn’t being trained the way I am now I wouldn’t be doing the things I do. Power Train is really good at working around things that I can’t do. There are certain things I can’t do because of my knees but they are really good at making sure that the muscles that support my knees stay strong. I had a major surgery a year ago on my hand and they have rehabbed me almost right back to where I was. I appreciate that they treat me as an individual and look at me as someone who CAN.
Mark: It’s impacted me tremendously. It’s gotten me in better shape. Brian has received texts from me as Pam and I have gone on all day hikes and climbed up large mountain ridges. I’ll text Brian after a long bike ride or kayak trip telling him “Thanks to Power Train I’m able to do this”!

Talk a little about getting to workout with your spouse each day.
Pam: It’s awesome. We get up and it’s the first thing we do in the morning. We wake up at 5, we’re here by 6, and done by 7. It’s fun because it’s something we can do together and support each other. When Mark lifts heavier than he’s lifted before, he’s excited about it and I get to be excited about it too. He didn’t start when I did, and he was very reluctant to start, but now we are both all in! Having that person there with you every day, you know it’s not a question we are going to get up and go!
Mark: It is great! It’s something we get to start our day off together with. We get up early, get in here. It’s part of our morning routines, our conversations, and our life!

Favorite day at the gym?
Pam: I don’t have a favorite. I think I love all the days, and hate all the days!
Mark: For me, I like the challenges. For example, this session, on my lower body day, I love seeing how low I can go when I squat. That’s a lot of fun. At the same time, I don’t like the chaos band crunches that are more difficult, which is good because it’s a challenge that forces me to do that.

How is Power Train different from other fitness routines you’ve done?
Pam: I’ve always been into fitness. I’ve done all the home videos, yoga, and martial arts. Power Train is different for me because it’s the first thing I’ve done where I’ve had a trainer with me. When I train by myself, I’m really good at either hurting myself because I’m not doing it correctly or not believing in myself and not pushing myself hard enough. Just this morning, Brian had me pick up a heavier weight. I immediately doubted that I’d be able to finish the set. Not only did I finish the set, but I crushed the set! Had he not pushed me and believed in me, I would not have done it.
Mark: I used to watch YouTube videos to workout on my own, but I just never got there. I don’t get the feedback that I need to know if I’m doing something right or wrong, and I don’t get the challenges that I need to strengthen weaker or unused muscles. Power Train helps me out much, much more than anything I’ve ever done.

Talk about the community aspect of Power Train?
Pam: It’s kind of like Cheers, where everybody knows your name! You come in, everyone says hello! The atmosphere is amazing. Everybody is friendly. We get to know all the people we work out with, as well as the trainers. We know their life stories; we worry when something is wrong with their pet!
Mark: I joke here quite a bit; I enjoy my time here! Usually I’m being requested to get moving on an exercise. I always let the trainers know that they are interrupting my social time! I enjoy getting to meet new people, and we all have a common goal here. I get to make new friends, which is a blast for me!

Why should people train at Power Train?
Pam: You will be in great shape, which helps you mentally and physically. The atmosphere is so welcoming. It doesn’t matter your fitness level, it doesn’t matter your age. I work out with kids that are amazing high school athletes and I can talk to them and they talk to me just the same as everyone else. It’s just a very accepting atmosphere no matter where you are at in your fitness journey.
Mark: The trainers are phenomenal. They care for me. They want to see me succeed. They care for me both physically and emotionally. Where else do you go where the first thing they say to you is, “how was your weekend or how was your evening” to know how you are both emotionally and mentally? They want to know my goals. If I’m not having a great day, they still encourage me and remind me it’s okay to have an off day. They give me feedback and personal attention that helps make me successful.

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