6 Steps to Prepare for Your First 5K

July 1, 2015

The warmer weather in summer and fall is ideal for running races! Never ran a 5K before? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our 6- Week Beginner’s Training Plan and our 6 Steps to Prepare for Your First 5K! 1) PLAN Select a 5K Race which will allow you to train for at least […]

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How Awesome Is Your Dad

June 19, 2015

In one word, how would you describe your dad? Brave. Kind. Hard-Working? Fathers have an impact on their children’s lives no matter how young or old. A Fathers advice, encouragement and example can leave a legacy for generations. In honor of Father’s Day, Power Train wants to recognize all our awesome dads who have it! […]

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Power Train East Rochester Trains College Hopeful

June 11, 2015 Come check out our Sports Performance Training programs. This could be you!

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Is Iced Tea Good For Me?

June 9, 2015

This time of year, iced tea is a very popular beverage choice because it tastes great and can really quench your thirst in the heat of the summer. Many people want to know if Iced Tea is a healthy beverage choice. As with most drinks, the answer is that it depends how it’s made. Iced […]

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Are Smoothies a Good Breakfast Option?

May 28, 2015

As with most things, the simple answer it that is depends what your goals are. If you are looking for a filling a hearty breakfast that will carry you through until a late lunch, then the smoothie with milk, protein, fruit, peanut butter, and oats is a great choice. When trying to lose or maintain a […]

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