Remembering Their Sacrifice

May 21, 2015

  Since May 30, 1868, our country has set aside a day to remember those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives to protect others and preserve our freedom. Our heartfelt gratitude and prayers go out to their families. Memorial Day is typically observed by flying the U.S. flag at half-staff […]

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Clean Eating: Freezing Berries

May 14, 2015

Exercising is very important, but eating a healthy diet enriched in protein, fruits and vegetables is key to help fuel the body. It aids an athlete’s performance, helps an adult to lose those extra couple pounds and can help lower blood pressure. Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, which means fresh fruit and […]

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Happy Mother’s Day – May 10, 2015

May 7, 2015

Is Power Train open on Mother’s Day? What are the hours on Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day – May 10, 2015 hours are normal operating hours for ALL of our facilities. Happy Mother’s Day! Remember, this is YOUR day, so make it all about YOU. Focus on yourself. Get active. Get Fit. Treat Yourself. You deserve it!

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Q & A with Karen Fable

May 6, 2015

Karen is a mom, grandmother and Boot Camp member at Power Train Manheim. She’s consistent, hardworking and determined to get healthy. She sets her goals high and aims to exceed them every time she straps on that Boot Camp heart rate monitor! What made her stick with the Power Train program? Find out! This Is Her Go!   How long have you been training with […]

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Staying Active in the Off-Season

April 9, 2015

Athletes who want to stay competitive at the high school, collegiate and professional levels know that they cannot be inactive for long periods of time during the off-season. This means they have to find some way to keep their bodies and minds in the game, so they’re ready when the season starts again. Fortunately, there […]

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