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We love swimmers, because they’re among the most competitive and intense of all athletes. Not only are you constantly trying to compete against other swimmers, but you’re also trying to best your personal times. This means every time you get in the water, you have a dual goal: Beat the other swimmers, and beat yourself. In order to continuously get faster in the pool, you need to start cross-training on land. At Power Train, we offer high school and college swimming conditioning programs that are geared toward your needs.

High School Swimming Trainers that Understand

The expert team members at Power Train have a passion for swimming, and they understand how swimmers think. They’ll share their expertise with you every step of the way, and you can expect honest feedback and advice. You’ll gain their insights as you become the high school athlete you’ve always known you could be.

  • Strength training. As your muscles develop and grow, you’ll start to see results as you shed seconds off your strokes.
  • Flexibility training. Being flexible is imperative for swimmers. Your flexibility will be kicked up a notch as you work with your high school or college swimming trainer.
  • Nutritional programs. Are you eating the right foods to get the most out of your time in the water? You might be surprised to learn that what you’ve been putting into your body is sabotaging your success. Don’t worry – we’ll help you change your diet to increase your performance.
  • Endurance training. The more stamina you have, the better your swimming will be. We’ll create exercises that have been proven to increase swimmers’ endurance.
  • Repetitive injury prevention. Are you worried about repetitive injuries? So are we. That’s why all our high school and college swimming training is personalized to minimize the chance that you’ll be sidelined.

College Swimming Conditioning

Have you stopped getting better when it comes to your swimming times? Are you getting more frustrated after every meet? It’s not unusual for college swimmers to hit a plateau at some point in their careers. At that point, it’s essential to work with a college swimming trainer who can take you over the edge. Power Train is accustomed to working with college swimmers who feel like they just aren’t getting faster. With a few tweaks in your daily and weekly workouts, we’ll have you experiencing more success in the water.

Power Train Proven Success with Swimming

We have trained athletes representing almost every sport on the planet, and they wouldn’t consider going anywhere but Power Train for improvement.

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