Core Strength Training

Core Strength Training Benefits

It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you have chosen: Having a strong core is the key to improving your performance. Unfortunately, too many athletes – including professional ones – overlook core strength training in favor of other workouts. This is a mistake, because the better your core, the better your success on the field, in the pool, on the court, in the rink, on the track or on the mat.

How Core Strength Training Works

In general, athletes may feel that they’re getting the core strengthening they need from their daily activities. While this may be true on some level, without a focused core strength training program independent of your regular regimen, you’re missing tremendous opportunities to reach higher levels. At Power Train, we send our athletes through personalized core strength training workouts. Each of these workouts targets a different part of the core, such as:

  • The abdominals – These are the muscles so commonly called a “six pack.” However, even if you have definition, that doesn’t mean your muscles are being fully activated. Our coaches have developed core strength training workouts that will engage abdominal muscles you probably didn’t know you had.
  • Back muscles – Are you working hard at developing the muscles in your lower back? These muscles are critical for helping you gain balance and overall strength. They can also prevent you from experiencing common injuries related to the spine and hips.
  • Pelvic muscles – The muscles located around your pelvis make up your core just as much as the abdominals and back muscles do. Thus, they play a pivotal role in keeping you successful while you’re involved in your chosen sport. Without the development of these muscles, you could be risking serious problems down the road related to your gait, flexibility and body mechanics.

Core Strength Training Specific to You

Even when you’re taking core strength training classes with other athletes, you have the benefit of getting one-on-one attention from one of Power Train’s expert trainers. We’ll help you explore your problem areas and improve your core substantially. Soon after our program, most athletes report seeing a big difference in the way they are able to move and compete.

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