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Power Train will Enhance your Golf Play

Golf uses a wide range of your skills — focus and determination play as much a part of the game as raw talent and muscles. At Power Train, we work to help all people harness their abilities and play each stroke with precision. We also use the same rigorous training for golfers that we use for other athletes. After all, golf can be just as intense as basketball, ice hockey or baseball, but in a different way. Our coaches understand the similarities and differences, and will get you ready for all aspects of play.

Redefining Golf Training and Conditioning

The adult golfer who wants to improve his or her game has unique needs, as golf is both a mental and a physical sport. At Power Train, we realize that adult golf conditioning has to take these aspects of play into consideration, which is why our adult programs have received an exceptional reputation for excellence among serious golfers.

  • We’ll complete a full evaluation. This will include tests to determine your strength levels, your endurance, your stamina, your flexibility and your diet.
  • We’ll create a personalized plan to get you to the next level. Based on your evaluation, we’ll create your plan. The plan will be discussed in detail, so you’ll always understand why we’re suggesting certain elements.
  • You’ll start your adult golf conditioning with our pros. As the weeks and months pass, we’ll track your progress and monitor your abilities.
  • Your plan will grow and change as your levels begin to increase. This will keep your body from plateauing.

Gold Training and Conditioning by our Professionals

The athletes who come to us from the golf course undergo our intense program based on proven scientific methodologies regarding physiology and the psychology of working out. Many golf professionals are surprised that our programs make such a difference in their average strokes per hole. You’ll also enjoy how you look and feel off the golf course. It’s clear that not all adult golf training programs are alike. At Power Train, ours is geared for high intensity and rapid improvement.

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