Flexibility Training

Focus on Increased Flexibility

Many times, athletes who want to get better at their sport focus on strength training, endurance training and nutrition. However, they often forget to throw flexibility in the mix. This is to their detriment, because flexibility training is a key component to becoming a better athlete.

Flexibility Training is Crucial

Have you ever met an athlete who looked really fit, but couldn’t bend over to touch his toes? This is indicative of a problem with his flexibility. Although he’s obviously been working on other areas of his physique, he’s missed out on this essential element. At Power Train, we incorporate flexibility training into our program offerings so athletes can get the short- and long-term benefits.

  • Improved balance – Balance is important to every athlete. Consider the case of a football receiver who experiences plenty of hits. His ability to maintain balance while heading across the gridiron could mean the difference between his team winning or losing.
  • Reduced chance of injuries – Some injuries are directly related to lack of flexibility. When the body is not flexible, there is more strain placed on the muscles, tendons and joints.
  • Better posture – As any athlete knows, having great posture will improve performance. When a person increases her flexibility levels, she is able to stand straighter, reducing pressure on her neck, hips, shoulders and lower back.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue – Research shows that muscles that are regularly worked to increase flexibility become less sore than those that are not stretched and flexed. If your muscles hurt less, you’re more likely to work harder with each training session.
  • Improved cardio – When you want to run fast, you need to have flexibility in your muscles and joints to reach high speeds. Otherwise, you’ll be left in the dust by the competition.

One on One Coaching in our Flexibility Training Classes

To maximize results and cost-effectiveness for our athletes, we offer Power Train flexibility training classes with low coach-to-athlete ratios. This enables our coaches to give athletes the one-on-one feedback they deserve during flexibility training sessions. Each class is devoted to improving flexibility through unique exercises that most of our athletes tell us they haven’t done previously. Not only does this enhance their current abilities, but it sets them up for a lifetime of healthier athleticism.

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