Ice Hockey Training with Power Train

Intense Ice Hockey Training

There’s no question that ice hockey is an intense sport, which is why any ice hockey training has to be just as intense itself. At Power Train, we focus on building our athletes’ stamina, strength and endurance to take on the rigors of the rink. It makes no difference if you’re playing in the NHL or an intramural league. If you want to get out there and power through the periods, you’ll beat out the competition with Power Train on your side.

Adult Ice Hockey Training and Conditioning

How can science help in the ice rink? When you trust your adult ice hockey training to Power Train’s experts, you’ll learn the science behind body mechanics and quickly build your endurance and fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers. Even if you aren’t getting a paycheck for your time on the ice, you can still be serious about the game. We’re just as serious as you are, and you can trust that we’ll push you hard every step of the way.

High School Ice Hockey Training and Conditioning

When you’re playing ice hockey in a high school setting, you might not be getting the personalized attention you need to improve your muscles, increase your speed and keep your endurance as high as possible. While it’s fine to embrace the high school ice hockey conditioning that you’re getting every day from your coaches, you need extra training to move to a higher level. That’s where Power Train comes into play. We’ll push you to your limits, and you’ll see the results.

College Ice Hockey Training and Conditioning

Ice hockey is all about power, especially at the college level. You need to be able to push your way past the defenders and drive the puck into the net. If you’re a goalie, you have to be flexible enough to be in two places at once. Our college ice hockey trainers understand how to efficiently work your body so you never lose steam — whether you’re defending the net or speeding across the ice.

Professional Ice Hocket Training and Conditioning

At Power Train, we believe professional ice hockey conditioning should be a challenge to your mind and body. When you come through our doors, we’ll treat you with respect, but we’ll also push you beyond any limits you originally set for yourself. We’ll focus on everything from nutrition to stamina, and you’ll reap the benefits every time you get on the ice.

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