Plyometric Training

Focus on Plyometric Training for Athletic Improvement

Plyometric training is an explosive way to get stronger and fitter while building endurance and speed. However, many programs don’t include plyometric gym classes as part of their regimens. This means athletes are missing out on a proven way to get better at their sport.

What Happens During a Plyometric Workout Class

If you’re not familiar with plyometrics, you may be surprised at your first plyometric workout class at Power Train. However, what we hear from our athletes is that they’re happy to be challenged by activities that include the following characteristics:

  • Tons of jumping – You probably didn’t realize it when you were a little kid, but jumping is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and move oxygen through your body. It also forces your leg muscles, abs and glutes to perform intensely. It’s high intensity training at its finest.
  • Mimicry of common sports motions – You may find several of the plyometric training motions to be quite familiar. This is because our experts pull their exercises from common sports moves, such as jumping for a basketball or leaping to spike a volleyball. The only difference is that during a plyometric workout class, you’ll do these motions repeatedly.
  • Huge variety of exercises – There are thousands of different plyometric training exercises our Power Train coaches choose to develop our classes. You’ll never get bored, because you’ll always be engaged in a new activity.

Why Plyometrics Works to Build Your Muscles

During all that leaping, hopping and jumping, the muscles in your body are rapidly stretched. This phase is known in science as an “eccentric phase.” The muscles are then just as rapidly shortened, known as a “concentric phase.” As the muscles are forced from eccentric to concentric phases, they are strengthened. Over time, this strength improves your vertical jumping ability while reducing the impact on your joints when you land..

Plyometric Training Works for All Athletes and Most Ages

One of the biggest benefits to plyometric training is that it helps athletes across a wide variety of sports. From swimmers to ice hockey players, all athletes can benefit when plyometrics are applied. Plus, because plyometrics structured by professional trainers has been shown to be safe, it can be utilized by athletes from most age groups and abilities.

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