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Power Train Understands Tennis Players

Tennis is a game that’s as much psychological as it is physical. For tennis players at the high school and college levels, this means that cross-training is extremely important. Every exercise that is done off the court will have ramifications on the court — the same goes for the food you’re eating. At Power Train, we understand the kind of high school and college tennis conditioning that will challenge you and keep you getting better. That’s why so many tennis players turn to our expertise to help them get fitter, faster and more flexible.

The Power Train Method

It doesn’t matter if you’re a high school tennis player, or you’re playing on a college team: you want to feel great every time you play a match. The only way to increase your confidence on the court is with personalized training methods focused on all your needs. Power Train’s program concentrates on several areas, including:

  • Strength training. Many tennis players don’t engage in muscle-building programs. This is a mistake, because building muscular strength can increase performance tremendously. However, it’s critical to exercise your muscles the right way — that’s where our Power Train high school and college tennis trainers can share their knowledge.
  • Flexibility improvement. Do you sometimes feel like you aren’t as flexible as other tennis players? Flexibility is an important part of the game, and it will ensure that you stay as injury-free as possible.
  • Speed training. The faster you are during a tennis match, the better your results will be. We’ll show you how to get moving and build your stamina. You’ll also discover that you can more quickly get around the court, which will serve you well during your most intense matches.
  • Nutritional planning. Are you eating the right foods to maximize your abilities? Even if you’ve been following a diet program, let us tweak it if necessary. Sometimes, little changes in the fuel you’re taking into your body can provide impressive returns.
  • Endurance training. Feeling winded too soon during or after a match? You probably aren’t getting the endurance training you require. Our team of professional coaches will show you how to build your endurance the right way.

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