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Speed and Agility Training for Runners

As a runner, you’re probably wondering why you just can’t seem to get past those pesky plateaus. Maybe you can’t seem to pass a certain number of miles before hitting the wall, or perhaps your speed won’t improve. No matter what your concern, speed and agility training can give you the edge you need to get over those frustrating humps.

Strength Training for Runners

Many runners are so focused on hitting the pavement, treadmill or track that they forget to hit the gym, too. This means they are lacking the strength training necessary to improve their running outcomes. When you work with a Power Train personal running coach, one of the first steps will be to add strength training to your regular workouts. Strength training won’t be geared at adding bulk or slowing you down by increasing your weight. Instead, it will focus on building all those slow- and fast-twitch muscles in your body that will dramatically change your running for the better.

  • Running speed workouts – We’ll engage in some high intensity training to get your heart pumping and your muscles using oxygen at maximum capacities.
  • Agility training – Did you know that flexibility is essential to improving your running? Not only will it help you get stronger, but it will also minimize your chances of experiencing an injury.
  • Nutrition training – Are you putting the right fuel into your body to get the most out of every run? Even if you’ve been on a strict diet, let our coaches explore different ways to get you the vitamins, minerals and fuels you need.
  • Form evaluation – Runners often adopt the wrong forms, which causes their gaits to be inefficient. Our coaches are trained to spot ways you can improve your running by focusing on your body mechanics. Again, this will assist you in avoiding repetitive stress injuries.

Power Train is the Secret to Better Runs

Why should you accept runs that aren’t up to your standards? Instead of hoping that your running will get better on its own, take the next step and contact Power Train. We’ll provide you with an individualized assessment to help you get started. From there, you’ll be introduced to our expert strength, speed and agility training programs.

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